Welcome Sistar

We are here to help you remember who you are and why you came here. Are you ready to embody your divine feminine essence? We are apart of a collective group of ‘Star-Seeds’ who have been sent from the Stars to ‘Planet Earth’ on assignment. Our unique soul group are specifically assigned to awakening and reclaiming the ‘Divine Feminine’ mission to rise. We are devoted to protecting Gaia and all women for reclaiming the magic in their voice, heart and soul. We celebrate the Song of the SACRED. Each woman on this planet is connected to a sacred river and this river connects to a greater river that governs the womb of Mother Earth. This cosmic womb is responsible for bringing balance back to the Earth through Love, Peace and Union. Sistars Of Light was born to WAKE up the collective from amnesia and the deep sleep that has corrupted our systems. We believe every sistar contributes to a greater collective by sharing her unique message, gifts and mission. We are ancient beings of light who are remembering our star origins and talents. we stand as Medicine Women, Midwives, Earth Angels and Earth Warriors to anchor our light and guide the ascension process with grace and ease from 3D to 5D evolution.

The SHIFT is happening. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Are you ready Sistars to CREATE a NEW paradigm. It begins with us. Are you hearing the call? our Mother Divine Feminine needs you and your vision right now to pull us into the next Golden New Age consciousness.

will you join our mission?

When we heal women, we heal the earth and when we heal the earth, we heal women

"our sistarhood is a Stargate FOR HELPING WOMEN TO FEEL SAFE, SEEN AND celebrated. A living ancient temple lives inside of you, a choir of angels are singing to anoint you,

join us in remembering AND bridging your divine ANGELIC self HERE ON EARTH."

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We meet at the heart. We DANCE, we shake, we honor all that has been neglected, forgotten, abandoned and WE breathe deeper into CALLING THE DIVINE FEMININE HOME, whatever wISHES to BE remembered IS REVERED.