Applicants must be 21 and over to register for The Medicine Woman. Please know your personal information is safe and highly confidential. We are committed to Integrity, Respect and Privacy and follow a sacred agreement act to not publicly share any of your information with an external party except the retreat leader. Please be advised the Medicine Woman is NOT any retreat. It withholds powerful Sacred Feminine Codes that is designed and created to activate potent Spiritual Healing and Transformation to the Initiate. Once you have submitted the information below, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email us at inquiring about the status of your registration process.

Thank you and we look forward to your registration.

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We require a $500 deposit off the total cost of your retreat upon completion of registration. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to ensure you have protection of travel delays, changes and any accidents regarding your choice of transportation. If you choose to cancel your retreat within 14 days after your registration, we will provide a full refund. Furthermore to 14 days after registration we will NOT offer refunds and negotiation is not acceptable. NOTE: We do withhold a processing fee of 10% upon your cancellation within the 14 day period of your refund. If you choose to not come to the retreat out of unforeseen circumstances such as: sickness, pregnancy, travel and delays, emergencies, or any other unexpected change, we will not issue a refund. If you cancel within 1 month of your registration booking date, we will offer you credit to our next retreat. If you do decide during the retreat that you wish to leave for personal reasons before completing the retreat, by no means will you be restricted, you will be granted free will to choose as you wish. Please know we make it our utmost mission and divine purpose @ The Medicine Woman to provide a sacred container that ensures emotional safety, empowerment and positive encouragement which leads you step by step to complete your initiation with us. We are each a reflection for every sistar in the group, not in front, not behind, we are ONE CIRCLE. WE know the potency and medicine of Pacahmama (Mother Earth) and the healing power of where she takes you, the rewards of of completing such a liberating transformational journey with us are phenomenal, super natural and life changing. However if you do decide to leave, this will be on your free will and accountability and there will be no refunds provided.
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The following will be provided after registration:

  • What to Bring

  • Flights

  • Hotel Suggestions (for one night through transit)

  • Insurance

  • Passports, Visa, Health

  • Baggage

  • How to Get to the Retreat Center

Guidelines For registration/payment

Please Follow The Medicine Woman Retreat Registration guidelines below:

  1. Read and check through what is included and not included.

  2. Decide on an insurance policy to cover injury/sickness/cancellation/delayed flights etc.

  3. Fill out the registration form by clicking the link at the bottom of the Medicine Woman Retreat page to guide you to the registration page.

  4. Look out for your confirmation email upon registration submission. You will receive preferably within 24 hours. Samantha will be in touch to provide you with a discovery call to ensure the retreat is a right fit for you and your needs.

  5. Once you are accepted, you will then receive an acceptance email with guidelines to make payment.

  6. Choose your payment plan option and make payment online or via bank transfer.   

  7. Once payment is received you will receive an acknowledgement email for your Successful Payment!!!

In case of any mishaps through correspondence or email please email Samantha at to inquire about your registration or payment process.

We kindly ask for your understanding and we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.