Welcome Sistar


I am here to help you uncover your souls magic and empower you to remember the divine woman you are and came here to be.

Do you know sistar, that by nature you are wild and primal, intelligent and wise, soft and strong, mystical and intuitive, sensual and sexual. You are an innate creatrix and giver of life. In-fact you are the only portal here on earth who can bring unborn spirits from the spiritual into this physical realm, Just breathe that in for a minute, you are holy and magnificent and I am here to celebrate all the divinity within you.

To be in the presence of a divine woman is be entered by the holy and supreme, When a woman awakens her Shakti consciousness she is one with source and all of creation.

I have made it my life’s work and devotion to co-create conscious sistarhood as a living daily ritual .

I wasn’t always this confident and outspoken with my inner gifts.

I was a very shy and highly sensitive child, with a huge empathetic heart that proved to be a challenge to manage, it wasn’t until my early thirties that I began to ground and channel my highly porous energetic field. I had to work diligently to master self confidence, as my inner self-worth system was very low. I was the child comfortable observing versus speaking. Until one day my parents decided to register me for a dance class, to help with my shyness. From that day on my future changed. Who would have known that beneath my shy nature there were potent dormant talents and skills for the stage. We realised I was a closet performer, with multiple characters inside of me, I was shocked by what came out of me, there was so much power and passion to be unleashed.

By nature I am gentle, creative, loving and intuitive, very mutable and I move like water and adapt easily. Yet in my early adulthood I had always suffered from hiding behind a friendly, graceful facade from a deep seated fear of belonging and not truly feeling like I fitted in. I always appeared graceful and put together but inside I was hiding behind a complete lie. At the root of my core I felt an empty hollow void of abandonment and this was not from my human parents, but from a much bigger energy that was not earth bound. I hid this alienated feeling for years; which tormented me from struggling to share it openly. I never felt comfortable revealing what I truly felt through fear of being unaccepted and mis-understood. And the result of this fear bled into malnutrition, poor diet, isolation and depression. I developed insomnia, asthma, eczema and in my early teens a nervous stammer. I remember everyday holding onto hope that one day I would find others like me who spoke the same language. One thing I did claim was my strong determination to not settle or accept the norm, I always had it set on my mind to explore the big wider world to understand what this innate longing inside of me was all about. And I certainly manifested it. When I reflect back to myself as a young child, I was almost born with a burning force and inner pull to seek beyond the norm, like a magnetic force was always guiding me, and I listened to it. From young I had been involved in the arts and dance, with music and nature being a medicine that was taught to me from my parents. I also experienced a near- life death accident that happened at the tender years of 3 years old, which left the veils between the unseen realms for me very thin. Throughout my entire later childhood and teens and to this day actually I communed with angels daily and star-beings daily.

Infact Angels have always been my guides and allies, I understood angels more than humans, they felt very familiar to me, along with cosmos and stars, without the angels and stars I know I would not have made it though my childhood.

In my late teens I was given a book called ‘Earth Angels’ and it changed my life. This book sparked my first ‘call of hope’, because it ignited real life evidence and knowing that there were others out there in this crazy world like me, I literally was yelling ‘HELL YES!!!!!!! We are messengers and star- seeds sent to earth on a mission to raise the vibration of Gaia and anchor light into her sacred body. This made so much sense to me, I realised why I had easily took on the responsibility for taking care of the earth and her inhabitants as I was doing, people coming to my house for guidance was not a surprise, I always felt an ache to heal and a hunger to create change. All of the pieces of the frazzled puzzled were joining and making sense, and although I was very young and naive, I knew profound knowledge, that did not come from me but through me. I knew I was not making this up and that I was connecting to something so much bigger and it somehow involved immense change.

Fast forward to 15 plus years later, I left my home town in Wales at the age of 23, travelled extensively and lived in many countries that looked like much self initiation of my inner trauma and wounded pain, coaching with multiple masters and healers ( you can read my full story in the link below). I learned about my wounds, my blocks, my past lives, my dormant sleeping gifts, owned my true worth and spiritual powers, cleared fears and sabotaging patterns, healed myself from hiding behind my star-child isolation and step by step have reclaimed my true starlight blueprint and power as a divine feminine awakening woman and now leading star-tribes for anchoring light for the leading communities of our future worlds.

If you would have asked me back then that I would feel deeply anchored and connected to the earth, communicating with power animals and able to channel the elements, along with initiating as a medicine woman and earth keeper, leading circles for masses of women, facilitating transformational spiritual pilgrimages across the world and invoking spiritual gifts and mystical powers for the future queens and priestesses of our planet, I would have dropped my head in a sigh of dis-belief.

Now I have turned my soul path into my life mission. And I couldn’t be more dammm excited to share it with you.

More than ever I offer my service for those who shouldn’t never have to feel alone or alienated. We did not come here to suffer, we came here to create bliss and heaven, and on purpose together.

We came here to be so otherworldly beautiful, extraordinary and our very own magical selves. If you know deep down you have magical untapped powers and gifts inside of you, then I want to talk to you because I know I am here to draw all of it out of you.

I know it sounds scary to reveal who you truly are and all of your gifts, but we have to let it out, this is why we are here, to fully shine. And I know its uncomfortable, geeez I get it, its uncomfortable for me, but I choose to do it anyway because I know we are here to break the old paradigm. There is so much freedom on the other side, I know because I am here sharing it all with you.

We have to choose love over fear sistar, we have to take reign over our darkness and scream at those self doubts. Do not let them own you. Your purpose is bigger than that. Say to yourself. I am sacred, holy and powerful. ~ I AM here on purpose and my message is meant to be served.

I IMAGINE you giving birth to your highest self everyday. I imagine you taking your dreams to the next level and breathing your soul on fire and prioritising your courage over your fears.

I feel there is a magnificent movement right now with extraordinary women remembering their truth and stepping into their brightest light, because they are chosen to lead a new earth, I know you are apart of this movement because you are here. I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in preparation, action and destiny.

I really really believe it is our birthright to live from love, expansion, illumination and abundance.

I cannot express to you the joy and liberation I felt when I birthed sistars of light because I was not only sharing my own wounds and soul journey I was using myself as a transparent vessel so other women could connect into their power beyond their wounds too.

I feel we are in a timeline right now to receive more divine love than ever now because our collective is tired and exhausted, our earth is in dire need of L O V E and I KNOW with all my heart that we are the bridges for making that happen on earth.

We feel everything whether we believe in woo woo stuff or not.

I believe my purpose here is to ignite your purpose.

I need you sistar and I believe we need each other to dream our new loving earth into exsitence.

The times of isolation, alienation, hiding and suffering are behind us

I am celebrating your L I G H T and your G I F T S.

What I have been shown for several years now is many of us joining hands, in a circle, around a fire, we are all colours, all nations, all religions, all people.

I S E E us ascending together with a V I S I O N to R I S E.

We will build a powerful sacred grid of awakening communities together.

We will build sacred communities and they will be angelic light houses holding down the light frequencies of raising the vibration of the earth.

You and I ARE here to birth the new earth we all have been imagining for decades.

Lets be the change, let us dance, let us pray, let us sing, let us heal , let us celebrate

For ALL Sacred Women Of Our Earth.

I hope you join us and say yes to yourself!

With love and devotion



“The journey of a thousand steps begins with one single step”

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