Welome Sistar

Do You Know That You Have A Responsibility To Share Your Light With The World?


UN-PLUG, de-program, RE-CHARGE and upgrade your DIVINE FEMININE LIGHT?

What Are You Willing to lET GO of To invest In your divine Feminine Evolution?

Is it time to let go of fear & step into your greater Calling To serve and Birth a new Paradigm,

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Divine Feminine leadership?

Welcome Sistar

I am here to mentor you into unleveling your gifts for fully illuminating and embodying into an Earth Priestess.

We will work together to release doubts, fears and playing small; unveiling layer after layer that no longer fits for the anchoring of your true divine PRIESTESS blueprint,

Feel held by our ancestors prayers and the medicine of ancient potent priestesses holding your womb and heart through Divine Feminine Alchemical Practices, Nature, Sound, Movement, Ritual, Dance and Energy Healing

My 1:1 Intimate Divine Feminine Retreats provide next level genetic upgrades for not only your own ascension, yet simultaneously the ascension of Mother Earth.

I am honoured to share the support of an angelic sistar council team who are holding down ancient lineages and codes of light assisting me through illumination transmissions and frequency activation codes, for birthing the next golden crystalline consciousness into being on our beloved Gaia Earth. These cosmic activations call to a specific sistar who hears her innate calling to initiate, activate and illuminate her starlight blueprint, anchored here on earth to serve for the greater soul mission of the collective awakening.

You will receive and feel divinely held as we journey inward into your inner star-gate to retrieve memories of your spiritual gifts and healing for waking up the illumination codes of your sacred heart and womb in a powerful potent cosmic divine feminine vortex container.

We will Invoke and initiate archetypes of the divine feminine, and embrace this potent activation one on one. You will receive undivided attention and presence with my very own personal magic blueprint divine mother touch.

Enjoy remote sacred living amongst ‘Heaven On Earth’, while taking the time to fully rejuvenate your heart and soul. Choose various accommodation options at a gorgeous retreat priestess sanctuary, with gorgeous delicious organic food and the utmost luxurious goddess surroundings.


  • Imagine lighting a candle, at your sacred alter, being worshipped, honoured and celebrated, as bridge between heaven and earth, I offer my vessel as a living prayer and instrument to chalice and intuit through sacred listening, mystery council and support to honor your deepest longings, pleasures and hearts desires.

  • Choose from 3 or 5 days immersed with me inside a priestess temple sanctuary.

  • You will receive live divine feminine transmissions in person, where I will be your mid-wife for helping you birth your sacred mission and soul message into the grounded earthling living flesh.

  • You will shed who you are unbecoming and uncover are imagining to become.

  • You will receive my intuitive priestess presence and a powerful womb vortex of innate creatrix power.

  • If you are ready to show up and hold yourself accountable TO ALL that has been holding back your mission then this course is for you.

  • We will uncover all the BS and limitations holding you back from reaching your feminine northern star.

  • I will help you design a priestess earth map that supports the extraordinary unique divine feminine being that you are claiming to birth into the world.

The Divine Feminine Design

  • Uncovering your purpose and clarifying your message in alignment with who you are here to serve.

  • Uncovering belief systems and external stories which have imprinted on you and prevented you from expanding and taking your dreams and desires to the next level.

  • Identify roadblocks and self-sabotaging patterns that have limited your creativity and spiritual fountain to creating and attracting a successful life.

  • Implement a powerful priestess road map designed to ground and anchor your mission and service into light;

  • Reclaim your priestess power: softer, playful, pleasurable, approach which is 'light years ahead' of the 'patriarchal, go harder nonsense' we have all been force fed, embrace your inner “soft, sensual, creative and empowered flow”, connect to your ancient wisdom of the priestess, rooted, flowing, a bridge between heaven and earth, empowered and clear and overflowing in eternal divine love.

  • Install badass boundaries, reinforce your no and your yes, protect your energetic field, whilst remaining soft, open, transparent and flowing within your divine feminine power.

  • Mastering intuition and discernment, aligning with people, spaces and environments that are only in synch with your unique energetic frequency,

  • Awaken to your innate feminine receptivity, communicate to the rivers of the earth, your womb, intuit the energetic rhythms of feminine cyclical birthright.

  • Master the gravitational pull of your feminine vortex to manifest all that you desire with your thoughts, words, actions, conscious, unconscious and subconscious beliefs.

  • Align your wealth and success to your willingess to receive pleasure, we will look at unique ways to access our sexuality and sensuality to open your inner spiritual fountain.

  • Remembrance and reconnection to your divine feminine power and gifts.

  • Grounded and anchored and at home in your feminine body.

  • Ownership of your power - declaring what you stand for, dis-owning playing small, silent, hiddenisolated, and leaving sabotage behind.

  • Commitment to your legacy for creating empowering impact and change.

  • Earth Priestess Temple - honoring her roots, her centre, her channel.

  • Embodied Alignment -  taking accountability for aligning your subconscious, unconscious and conscious beliefs with your desires and actions plus going 1000% ALL IN.

  • 'Giving Birth To Your Mission " -  birthing your purpose in the real and grounded flesh.