Welcome Sistar

Sistars Of Light is born to help you remember who you are and why you came here to this beautiful planet earth. Journeying with us will take you on a mystical remembrance of discovering who you are and your divine feminine purpose. We are a sacred sistarhood community devoted to guiding your magic, movement and mission into L I G H T. We refuse to hide, alienate or isolate our gifts. We are coming out of hiding in honour for the sacred song that lives within our hearts. We believe women are the portal to Love, Peace and Union on Earth, and we are here to celebrate women rising up, on purpose in their power. We dance, we shake, we sing, we meditate, we release, we cry, we share our stories. We are healing our past, present and future lives, standing in service for bridging and anchoring the crystalline energetic frequencies of heaven here on earth rooted in love, union and harmonic peace.

When we heal women

we heal the earth

and when we heal the earth

we heal women

"our sistarhood is a temple of love

a holy place to return to

 an act of devotion for divine feminine awakening."