O’ Great Spirit Of Ether/Above

Dearest Father Sky, Star Nations, Seraphim, Eloheim, Celestial Beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angelic Legions Of Light, Sky Beings, Multi-Dimensionals, Divine Cosmic Consciousness, White Brotherhood Of Light, Divine Creatrix Sophia, Spirit Guides and Ancestors; May your cosmic light and divine energies be with us now,

Great Spirit, divine keepers of above, you who are known by a thousand words, unnameable one, I humbly ask, as a child of divine, I seek thy divine. May we envision our inner eye of light and sacred hearts of grace to project and sing collectively the new golden era of remembrance for co-dreaming our new earth radiantly and vibrantly alive.

Energies of the sky, be with us now, together we co-unify and co-envision a loving, peaceful way forward. With hands of light, we are the wing makers of seeding our new crystalline encoded earth anchored body into the NOW.

As Above, As Below,
A New Earth Is Born.

We Are Returning Home.

And So It Is,
And So Shall It Be