"O Great Spirit Of The West,

Dearest WATER of creation, fountain of holy waters,  giver of all life source, ocean, springs, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rain, tears, milk, blood and all fluids.

Send forth your healing powers of emotion, reflection, receptivity, intuition, psychic, purification, absorption, compassion, and ebb and flow of fluidity of motion.

By thy waters of her healing womb,I humbly ask, may I be a healing chalice to your holy waters, may I serve before conduit and messenger, for the rising awareness of all beings serving to love, protect, respect all ocean and marine life and sea plant life. Blessed be thy oceans below, within, around and upon our planet earth Gaia, may our new earth be crystalline infused and protected by the highest diamond water matrix of divine love.

And So It Is,

And So Shall It be.